Kim Kardashian Quickly Deletes Instagram Post After Fans Notice Awkward Wardrobe Malfunction


Kim Kardashian found herself in a swift social media whirlwind recently as she posted, then promptly deleted, a series of nostalgic throwback photos that inadvertently revealed a wardrobe malfunction involving her shapewear. Fans were quick to notice the mishap, prompting the reality TV sensation to quickly retract the images from her Instagram feed.

In the post shared earlier this week, the 42-year-old star showcased a carousel of snapshots depicting her sporting a chic taupe two-piece outfit while lounging on a couch with a companion. Kardashian donned a striking blonde wig and an intricate makeup look, with one image capturing her alongside her mother, Kris Jenner, and her sister, Kendall Jenner. The caption playfully read, “Love finding old photos on my phone?.”

However, the unexpected issue arose due to a high slit in her skirt, which left her shapewear partially exposed. The sheer capri undergarments peeked through, inadvertently overshadowing the intended focus of the post. Kim Kardashian, well-known for her Skims brand, appeared to have missed the mark with this particular snapshot, prompting her to swiftly erase it from her social media presence.

Kim Kardashian

Despite the hasty removal of the images, Reddit users were quick to seize upon the fashion mishap. Zoomed-in images of the visible shapewear made their rounds, prompting humorous and observant comments. One user quipped, “She’s working those Skims y’all,” while another playfully noted, “Ha ha ha you can see the shape wear peeking out on her leg!” A more astute observer pointed out a potential disparity in skin tone, suggesting digital manipulation of her appearance: “She genuinely looks like a WOC. She needs to stop this s—t. It’s f—king deranged.”

The issue escalated as discussions veered into cultural appropriation accusations. Kim Kardashian’s choice of fashion and beauty expressions has often stirred controversy, with some alleging she was guilty of “blackfishing.” The suggestion that her appearance appeared intentionally darker than her natural skin tone prompted speculation and criticism. One Reddit user questioned, “Which race(s) is she pretending to be?” along with a screenshot of the since-deleted image. The sentiment was echoed by others, with one stating, “Ngl she looks great but also omg imagine just changing into a POC for clout when you want then switching back to white passing when you’re bored of it lmaoo.”

This isn’t the first instance of Kim Kardashian being embroiled in cultural appropriation debates. Her previous decisions to wear braids and cornrows sparked intense discussions about cultural sensitivity and authenticity. In a December 2021 interview with i-D magazine, Kardashian attempted to explain her perspective, citing her daughter North West’s influence. She claimed that she sometimes adopted certain hairstyles to match her biracial daughter’s preferences, but the explanation didn’t quell the criticism entirely.

While Kardashian asserted that she had “learned and grown over the years,” online reactions were mixed. Many social media users dismissed her reasoning as an excuse and criticized her for allegedly capitalizing on her child to engage with black culture. The intricate dynamics of cultural appreciation and appropriation continue to provoke passionate conversations in the modern media landscape.


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