Kim Kardashian Regrets getting into a Relationship with Pete Davidson


Kim Kardashian is expressing regret over her past relationship with comedian Pete Davidson, known for his history of dating famous women. The reality TV star and businesswoman first got involved with Davidson in November 2021, shortly after appearing on Saturday Night Live where he was a cast member. At that time, Kardashian had recently filed for divorce from her husband of six years, Kanye West.

Their relationship lasted for nine months before they decided to part ways and remain friends.

However, during an upcoming episode of The Kardashians, Kim opens up to her sisters about her feelings regarding the relationship. She admits that she jumped into another relationship too quickly as a way to escape the pain of her failed marriage. Kardashian now realizes that it wasn’t a healthy approach and wishes she had given herself more time to heal and process her emotions.

Her half-sister, Kendall, chimes in, completing Kim’s sentence with “Feel,” emphasizing the importance of processing emotions rather than avoiding them. The decision to get involved with Davidson was partly influenced by rumors of his “BDE” (Big d**k energy), implying that he exuded confidence and charisma. Curious to find out for herself, Kardashian saw their relationship as a way to explore and experience new things.

Beyond the initial intrigue, Kim had positive things to say about Davidson. She commended his sense of humor but pointed out that his genuine nature and kindness were what truly attracted her to him. Davidson, on the other hand, had to make some changes after their split. He decided to remove the Kardashian-themed tattoos from his body, including a tattoo that referenced Kim’s career as a lawyer and a drawing of Aladdin and Jasmine, symbolizing their SNL performance as the iconic Disney couple.

Despite the regrets and adjustments, Kim Kardashian expressed appreciation for Pete Davidson’s positive qualities and the experiences they shared during their relationship. As she continues to move forward, she emphasizes the importance of taking the time to heal and grow emotionally before diving into new relationships.


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