Kim Kardashian Spots Ghost In Background of Mirror Selfie


Kim Kardashian recently had a startling experience while scrolling through her phone.

The 42-year-old SKIMS founder came across a makeup-free selfie she had taken and was taken aback by what she noticed in the background.

In the photo, Kim looked absolutely stunning with her hair pulled up into a top knot and no makeup on. She wore a bubblegum pink tank dress, reminiscent of the color of her bikini worn during a recent vacation where she went biking. Little did she know that the innocent selfie held a mysterious surprise.

In the window behind her, a strange and ghostly shadow was visible. Kim couldn’t help but freak out as she noticed it while going through her phone. She took to Instagram to share the photo, captioning it, “‘Soooo I took this pic last week when I was alone and now going through my phone I am freaking out noticing a woman in the window.'”

Fans immediately flooded the comments section, offering their theories and speculations about the mysterious apparition.

“That’s Kourtney. She wants revenge for her wedding,” one fan playfully wrote.

Another humorously chimed in, “That’s Kourtney trying to get ahead of your next move.”

Some fans even joked about it being a scene from “American Horror Story: The Kardashians,” while others referenced an inside joke from “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” involving Todd Kraines.

Despite the eerie encounter, Kim recently made headlines for partying with retired quarterback Tom Brady at Michael Rubin’s annual 4th of July celebration in the Hamptons. This fueled rumors of a possible romance between the two.

Caption: 'Soooo I took this pic last week when I was alone and now going through my phone I am freaking out noticing a woman in the window,' she captioned the Instagram post

However, representatives for the Super Bowl champion quickly clarified that they are “just friends.” In a statement to ET back in May, Tom’s reps stated, “Tom and Kim have been in touch because Kim is looking to buy property where Tom has a vacation home. Kim and Tom have friends and business partners in common, but they are not dating.”

While Kim’s selfie mishap and the subsequent speculation provided some lighthearted entertainment for fans, it’s clear that the shadow in the window remains an intriguing and mysterious phenomenon.


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