Kourtney Kardashian Slammed by Fans after Sharing Morning Routine with Husband Travis Barker


Kourtney Kardashian has faced criticism from fans who perceive her as ‘out of touch’ after she shared insights into her morning routine with husband Travis Barker.

The 44-year-old pregnant reality TV star took to her Instagram Stories to link to a Poosh article titled ‘How to become a morning person,’ offering advice on adjusting schedules and changing habits.

Accompanying the link was a photo of Kourtney and Travis lying in bed with a food tray on their lap. The tray held two matcha lattes, a small cup of espresso, napkins, and two spoons. The photo was timestamped at 11:05 am, leading some fans to question the authenticity of their ‘morning person’ claim.

Tips: The 44-year-old expectant mother took to her Instagram Stories on Thursday to share a new link to a Poosh article, titled 'How to become a morning person'

Critics quickly voiced their opinions on social media, highlighting the apparent disconnect between Kourtney’s morning routine and the typical experiences of working people. One fan sarcastically suggested a guide on becoming an ‘early afternoon person with assistance,’ expressing skepticism about Kourtney’s portrayal of a morning person.

Sweet: Alongside the link, Kourtney also uploaded a photo with Travis, 47, of the pair lying in bed with a food tray placed on their lap

Others chimed in, emphasizing the disparity between Kourtney’s depiction of a morning routine and the reality faced by many. Some felt that the post missed the mark in terms of relatability and authenticity.

While some critics saw the post as evidence of Kourtney’s lack of understanding, others interpreted it as satirical humor. Some fans perceived it as a playful self-mockery, noting Kourtney’s historically goofy personality.

Defenders of Kourtney took her pregnancy into consideration and urged others to cut her some slack due to her current situation. They highlighted the challenges and changes that come with pregnancy and the potential impact on daily routines.

Kourtney announced her pregnancy with Travis in June, revealing the news during one of his concerts by holding up a sign reminiscent of the iconic All The Small Things music video. The couple’s relationship evolved from a long-standing friendship, and they became engaged in October of the same year.

This incident reflects the broader conversation around relatability and authenticity in the lives of celebrities. While fans can have differing interpretations of social media content, Kourtney’s portrayal of her morning routine struck a chord with many, sparking discussions about the relatability of celebrities’ lives and the role of humor in self-presentation.


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