KSI and Logan Paul Run for Safety after Being Attacked by Fans Launching Bottles of Prime


KSI and Logan Paul experienced a rather unpleasant incident during the launch of their beverage brand, Prime, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The duo faced a barrage of bottles being thrown by fans attending the event, resulting in a bottle hitting KSI on the head as they made a swift escape to safety.

The impact must have been quite painful. KSI and Paul joined forces in January 2022 to introduce Prime, which has achieved phenomenal success in both the UK and the US.

Since its release, Prime has been in high demand, and we have previously witnessed the frenzy caused by eager fans attempting to secure a bottle when Aldi stocked it in their stores.

As the duo seeks to expand their market, they have been touring Europe to promote their drink. However, their promotional visit to the Danish capital took an unexpected turn.

The enthusiastic crowd targeted KSI and Paul, hurling bottles at them. Fortunately, both men managed to maintain their smiles throughout the ordeal.

The rapper behind “Holiday” took to Twitter later to respond to the shocking turn of events, which was captured on video and shared on the official Prime Twitter account.

He humorously remarked, “That Prime bottle to my head was pinpoint.”



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