Kyle Rittenhouse ‘Treated Like A Celebrity’ In ‘Outrageous’ Interview About His Gun


Social media is going crazy after a recent interview with Kyle Rittenhouse was released, with many complaining he’s being treated like a celebrity, and not somebody who took the lives of two people.

Since the teenager was acquitted of all charges, he’s appeared on a number of podcasts, but his most recent appearance has rubbed people up the wrong way.

Rittenhouse joined conservative political commentator and podcast host Steven Crowder for an episode of Louder with Crowder. 

In the podcast, he’s asked a number of questions about the gun he used on the night of the killings, and people have complained about how casual it was discussed.

Take a look at a clip from the podcast below:

During the podcast Rittenhouse was asked whether he’ll get another gun and replied, ‘I don’t know’, before joking he would get a ‘nerf gun’.


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