Kylie Jenner Praised For Wearing Dress That Shows All Her Stretch Marks


Kylie Jenner, known for her bold fashion choices, made a striking appearance at Paris Fashion Week, proudly displaying her stretch marks in a barely-there rope dress.

The reality star and beauty brand founder has had a long-standing relationship with Balmain, having previously worn their stunning designs to events such as the Met Gala and featured in their campaigns alongside sister Kendall. This close association secured her a front-row seat at Balmain’s latest fashion show, where she donned a custom crochet ensemble.

Arriving in Paris with her best friend Stassie, Kylie captivated onlookers in an ivory crochet minidress adorned with braided straps that gracefully dipped into a deep V-neck silhouette.

The intricately woven cups provided structure, supported by the rope straps that elegantly wrapped around Kylie’s arms, creating an off-the-shoulder effect. The loosely woven skirt cascaded to mid-thigh, exuding a summery aesthetic that she complemented with transparent open-toe heels. While her ensemble was a unique creation, it seamlessly aligned with Balmain’s runway presentation, which showcased similar crocheted designs, rope elements, and watercolor prints.

The nature of the dress naturally exposed a significant amount of Kylie’s skin, drawing attention to her décolletage, which proudly exhibited her natural and unretouched stretch marks. This is not the first time Kylie’s stretch marks have been visible to the public eye. In early 2020, she received praise for embracing her stretch marks after posting selfies on her Instagram Stories. It is commendable that Kylie chooses not to edit or conceal them, as societal pressures often dictate otherwise. In fact, Kylie has been open about her stretch marks since her first pregnancy and continues to embrace them as a reminder of the changes her body underwent. She once referred to them as “a little gift from Stormi,” expressing a sense of acceptance and fondness towards these natural marks.

Kylie’s stretch marks primarily appear on her breasts, a common occurrence during pregnancy. She addressed this topic in a 2018 video, where she candidly discussed her post-pregnancy changes. “After Stormi, people think I bounced back super fast,” Kylie shared. “My boobs, they’re definitely three times the size, I have stretch marks on my boobs… my butt’s bigger, my thighs are bigger. It’s just a change.” Her open dialogue resonates with many individuals who experience similar bodily transformations during and after pregnancy.

While Kylie showcased her stretch marks at the fashion show, she later opted for a different look during an evening outing with Stassie. Kylie embraced a fully covered ensemble, donning an all-black outfit that included a shiny crocodile coat, matching bag, gloves, pants, and black sunglasses to shield her eyes from the cameras. In contrast, her best friend chose a high-cut leotard bodysuit with sheer tights, exuding a daring style.

As Paris Fashion Week continues, fans eagerly anticipate more captivating looks from Kylie. She continues to grace the European city with her fashion prowess, leaving spectators excited for upcoming standouts. In the following days, she sported a velvet figure-hugging gown with a stunning neckline from Schiaparelli as she made her way to the brand’s PFW presentation, further solidifying her status as a fashion icon.

Kylie Jenner’s fearless embrace of her stretch marks not only challenges societal beauty standards but also serves as an empowering example for individuals worldwide. Her decision to proudly display her natural body features encourages self-acceptance and celebrates the beauty of diverse physical changes. By using her platform to foster inclusivity and body positivity, Kylie Jenner continues to inspire and empower others to embrace their own unique beauty.


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