Lady Gaga Praised for Safeguarding Liza Minnelli’s Dignity At Oscar’s


Lady Gaga has been praised for helping Liza Minnelli during a rare public appearance at the Oscars without being “Patronizing or awkward” to the legend.

After decades in the spotlight, winning an Oscar, two Grammys, four Tonys and an Emmy, Liza Minnelli has retreated from the public eye in recent years.

The legend has dealt with serious health conditions in the past and in 2000 was warned by her doctors that she many never walk or talk again after surviving a rare case of viral encephalitis, a life-threatening brain infection.

Now 76, Minnelli joined Lady Gaga onstage at the Academy Awards to announce this year’s Best Picture winner.

Minnelli was in a wheelchair during the ceremony and after so long out of the spotlight, at times appeared to be unsure what she was supposed to do.

Gaga held her hand during their shared time onstage, after allowing the legendary actress her own time in the spotlight. The singer stepped back to allow the star her own time to shine, telling her idol:

“You see that? the public, they love you.”

Liza laughed, fumbling with her notes and could be heard saying:

“oh yes, now what am i…i don’t understand.”

The 36-year-old reassured her and the pair had a very sweet private exchange where Gaga whispered:

“I got you” to which Liza replied “I know, thank you.”

Watch the video below:

How sweet.


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