Lambeau Field Completely Covered In Snow Before Packers-Seahawks Game


Aaron Rodgers’s return to action is set to be a challenging one, as Lambeau Field is completely covered in snow ahead of the Packers-Seahawks game today.

Green Bay Packers shared a video on Twitter of the conditions, and it looks like something from The Day After Tomorrow. 



Rodgers’ snowy return is not to be missed.

Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers has addressed the controversy surrounding his COVID vaccine status, and has admitted to misleading people.

Rodgers appeared on the Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday to speak openly about the situation, and to take responsibility for his actions.

He began:

“I do realize I am a role model to a lot of people. I want to start off this show by acknowledging that I made some comments that people might have felt were misleading. To anyone who felt misled by those comments I take full responsibility for those comments.”

Rodgers then reiterated that he is very aware that he misled people, and that he is owning his mistake. He does, however, stand firm on his COVID stance.

Rodgers continued:

“I shared an opinion that’s polarizing. I get it. And I misled some people about my status, which I take full responsibility of, those comments. But in the end, I have to stay true to who I am and what I’m about. I stand behind the things that I said.”

Rodgers went on to say that he dealt with COVID well and should be available for selection once he’s allowed to play again from Saturday.

“I’ve heard from so many of the guys (on the Packers), and the coaching staff, the whole organization has been really supportive and great through this time. As far as I know, 10 days is up Saturday, I can go into the facility and then I’ll be able to play after that.”

The NFL fined the Packers $300,000 and Rodgers received a fine of $14,650 for violation of COVID-19 protocols.


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