Lauren Sánchez and Jeff Bezos trolled over ‘uncomfortable’ Vogue shoot


Lauren Sánchez and Jeff Bezos have found themselves at the center of online criticism for what has been deemed an “uncomfortable” and “cringe” photo shoot featured in Vogue’s December issue. The high-fashion magazine shared various images from the couple’s appearance, with one particular photo capturing Sánchez leaning over to embrace Bezos in a Western-themed setting.

In the controversial snapshot, the pair is seated in the front seat of a retro van, with Bezos donning a brown cowboy hat, a black T-shirt, and blue jeans, while Sánchez showcases her arm muscles in a form-fitting white tank top. Despite the attempt at a glamorous portrayal, the Amazon founder, aged 59, and his fiancée, aged 53, faced a barrage of criticism, with online users expressing discomfort and disapproval for what they perceived as the glamorization of the billionaire couple.

One Instagram user, under Vogue’s post, commented, “I would like to unsee this picture,” reflecting the sentiment of many who found the image cringe-worthy. Another user expressed their discomfort, stating, “I’ve never been more uncomfortable with a photo.” Blunt criticism was also levied, with someone declaring, “Ridiculous photograph. Halloween is over,” while another user announced their decision to unfollow Vogue due to the perceived awkwardness of the post.

Criticism extended to the Western theme of the photoshoot, with some users suggesting that Bezos appeared to be “stealing Kenny Chesney’s stylist” and making comparisons to Tim McGraw. The overarching sentiment was encapsulated by a user who termed the post as “weird as f–k.”

Questions also arose about Vogue’s decision to feature the couple, with some users expressing confusion over the inclusion of Bezos and Sánchez in a fashion magazine. One person remarked, “This is several degrees of f–king weird. And definitely not Vogue – in any description.” Others expressed a desire for a filter to block “billionaire PR content” on social media, and one person even claimed they had been shown the picture “against [their] will.”

The photo shoot also featured solo shots of Sánchez in various locations, including a desert, a helicopter, and an industrial spiral staircase. Once again, fans questioned the rationale behind Sánchez’s inclusion in the issue, with some humorously claiming they “thought that was Steven Tyler.”

Bezos and Sánchez, who got engaged in May, are gearing up for their impending nuptials. Their relationship began in 2018 but remained under wraps until Bezos finalized his divorce from his wife of 25 years, MacKenzie Scott, in January 2019. The Vogue spread, intended to capture the couple’s glamour, seems to have instead ignited a wave of discomfort and criticism among online audiences.


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