Lindsay Lohan has Given Birth to Her First Child and Has Shared the Baby’s Name


In a heartwarming turn of events, Lindsay Lohan has welcomed her first child into the world, and the world is delighted to share in her joy. The talented actress, who had revealed her pregnancy in March, couldn’t contain her excitement when she announced the news alongside her loving husband, Bader Shammas.

Today, we are thrilled to reveal the adorable name chosen by Lindsay and Bader for their precious baby. In a statement provided to PEOPLE, their representative shared, “Lindsay Lohan and her Financier husband, Bader Shammas, welcomed a beautiful, healthy son named Luai.

“The family is over the moon in love.”

The radiant family is overflowing with pure happiness. Luai, an Arabic name, carries a profound meaning, symbolizing a shield or protector. Born in the enchanting city of Dubai, the exact date of the birth has not been disclosed, but the world rejoices nevertheless.

Earlier this year, Lindsay’s mother, Dina, disclosed that the couple had been actively trying to conceive, and fate smiled upon them at the perfect time. Dina joyfully shared with the publisher, “She had been hoping for this, and when that little stick showed a positive sign, her happiness knew no bounds. Bader truly is an angel, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. They are ready and brimming with joy.”

Dina also expressed how her daughter’s excitement for the new addition to their family knew no bounds. “Lindsay has always had a deep affection for children. Our family is a tight-knit one, and Lindsay’s desire to have children stems from the love we share. She is incredibly maternal, and whenever her niece Isabelle sees her, she rushes into her arms.”

In November of last year, Lindsay had spoken about her plans to raise her child in Dubai, describing it as a safe haven with excellent educational opportunities. In an interview with Interview magazine, she stated, “Dubai provides me with a sanctuary away from the familiar. It offers security and a wonderful educational environment for our child.”

This joyous occasion comes after Lindsay and Bader’s engagement in 2021, following three years of courtship. The couple exchanged vows eight months after their grand announcement, sealing their commitment to one another. As the news of Lindsay’s pregnancy spread, she shared a heartfelt photo on social media—a tiny onesie with the words “coming soon” imprinted on it. The post sparked an outpouring of love and support from fans worldwide.

Throughout her pregnancy journey, Lindsay has kept her loyal supporters involved, sharing precious moments through captivating photographs. Now, the long-awaited moment has finally arrived—the birth of their little bundle of joy. The world celebrates alongside Lindsay Lohan and Bader Shammas, extending heartfelt congratulations and warm wishes to the new parents. May Luai’s life be filled with love, happiness, and endless blessings as he embarks on this remarkable journey with his adoring family.


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