Liz Hurley Fulfilled Thirteen Year Promise to Son by Starring in His Adult Thriller


Elizabeth Hurley fulfilled a promise she made 13 years ago by starring in a new adult thriller directed by her 21-year-old son.

Despite her long and successful career, this was undoubtedly one of the more unusual paths Hurley’s journey has taken, being directed in such a film by her own son. However, professionalism reigns on a film set, so does it truly matter?

The movie, titled “Strictly Confidential,” reportedly features a sex scene involving Hurley and fellow actress Pear Chiravara, as described by an IMDb synopsis: “A haunted young woman finds herself drawn into a world of seduction, duplicity, and betrayal as she desperately tries to uncover the mystery surrounding her best friend’s suicide.”

Damian Hurley, the director, initially asked his mother to appear in a feature film he was directing back in 2010 when he was only eight years old. After the completion of the film, he took to Instagram to share his thoughts, stating, “I can’t begin to sum up how intense and wonderful the past few months have been—I’m truly blown away by the inspiring and talented people I’ve been able to work with.”

He continued, “Everyone involved deserves public declarations of adoration (all of which will come in due course), but right now, I want to worship @ElizabethHurley1 who, during the making of my first-ever short film back in 2010 (when I was 8 ?), promised me she’d be in my first feature. True to her word, the minute this film was greenlit, Mama dropped everything and raced out to the beautiful Caribbean to help. Working together was a dream.”

Expressing his gratitude, he added, “This has genuinely been the most incredible experience, both professionally and personally. I’ve made lifelong friends and learned many valuable lessons.”

Damian Hurley has already made a name for himself in both acting and modeling, thanks in part to his early start in the industry. Having Liz Hurley as his mother certainly doesn’t hurt either. Additionally, his godfathers include esteemed individuals such as Hugh Grant, David Beckham, Elton John, and Denis Leary, making for an interesting mix of cards on his birthday.

For the 21-year-old director, this marks his debut feature film, and having his mother by his side, despite the somewhat adult content, must have been a source of comfort. The release date of the film is still uncertain, but updates will be provided as they become available.


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