Loch Ness Monster Resurfaces, First Sighting of 2022 Recorded


The Loch Ness Monster has had its first recorded sighting of 2022.

Eoin O’Faodhagain has recorded what is claimed to be the first sighting of Nessie this year so far.

O’Faodhagain captured footage of the mysterious shape in the water via an online webcam that looks over the beautiful loch.

Nessie has been the topic of discussion for hundreds of years, with avid tourists and locals bringing in nearly $60 million in goods and services each year, according to research done in 2018.

O’Faodhagain is a seasoned ‘Nessie hunter’ and said:

“I had been watching the live footage for a couple of hours, when it suddenly appeared,”

“Taking into account the distance from the webcam to the object – I would estimate nearly a mile away – it had to be rather on the large side,”

He guessed that the creature he spotted might be ‘over 13-feet long’ and about ‘three to four feet out of the water’.

Watch below:



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