Machine Gun Kelly Told to Apologize to Black Women after Disturbing Video


Machine Gun Kelly has once again been the centre of more controversy following debate over a resurfaced clip where he calls a Black woman a ‘b****.’

The clip was shared by Crystal Castles singer Alice Glass and dates back to 2012. In the video, the musician is being interviewed on the red carpet at the BET Awards, when he claims that ‘Black girls give the best h***.’

The 31-year-old continued to elaborate on his claim, including acting out an imitation of a Black woman, before a woman off camera walks away, apparently offended by what he is saying.

He responds to this by saying,

‘B****, walk the f*** away then, b****, ew,’

Glass posted the clip to Twitter, writing,

“As a white man, would you ever talk like this? fetishizing black women and in such a disrespectful way!? show respect for Black Women who’s culture you are appropriating. apologize for this @machinegunkelly this was beyond disgusting.”

“This isn’t just about one artist. there is a bigger picture here. this is about how men who act like this are still given power and opportunities in an industry that willfully perpetuates sexist, racist and abusive behavior. it needs to change [sic].”

The interviewer in the clip has come forward on Twitter to defend Kelly, stating he was responding to a question asked by another interviewer.

Kelly has not addressed the comments.


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