Machine Gun Kelly Wants You To Stop Calling Him Machine Gun Kelly


Machine Gun Kelly wants to be taken seriously as an actor. A real actor. With a real name. So stop calling him Machine Gun Kelly, please.

And by the way, you’d be completely forgiven for not knowing that Machine Gun Kelly is an ‘actor’ too.

Ahead of the release of his new film, The Last Son, the 31-year-old has said he wants to be respectful of his art and drop his preposterous stage name.

He told The Hollywood Reporter:

“I think it’s more just out of respect for the art.

“If you’re looking at a Basquiat piece and you have feelings about him personally, is that fair to the art because of how you feel about him personally?”

“There is music and then there’s movies,”

“I don’t feel like being Inception in a person. Like, there’s a character inside of a character inside of a character inside of a character. I’d rather it just be me playing a character in one world and then me playing a character in another world.”

“I mean, sure, there’s the obvious, which is, ‘Oh, he has a machine gun and there’s ‘Machine Gun’ in his name’.

“But if you look at that character, he’s tortured in his own, unique way. He has an Oedipus complex. He has a present relationship with his mom, which is something that isn’t in my life.”

MGK’s real name is Colson Baker, in case you cared.


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