Man Accidentally plays Titanic Music on Plane not Realizing He’s Sat Next to Kate Winslet

Hilarity ensued when a TikToker accidentally played the Titanic theme tune while sitting next to none other than Kate Winslet, leaving people in stitches.

Airplane journeys are notorious for their inherent awkwardness.

Cramped in a confined cabin with strangers, the potential for embarrassing mishaps is ever-present. The peril deepens when one forgets to connect their headphones properly and inadvertently blasts music for all to hear. For one TikToker, this nightmare scenario unfolded with a twist.

Actor and digital creator, Chris Olsen, took to TikTok in a state of fluster, confessing his need to “start paying more attention to [his] surroundings” because he “cannot keep embarrassing [himself] like this.”

Chris recounted, “Today I was on a flight […]. I noticed my ticket was for the third row, but somehow I ended up in the second row, and I thought, ‘Great, this is it.'”

Seated by the window was a woman, with an empty middle seat between them. Chris, ready to enjoy some music, settled in, with Celine Dion’s songs on his mind since her tour had been canceled and they were being played on the news.

“Little did I realize that my AirPods were not yet connected, so Celine starts playing out loud. I’m just skipping through her top hits at this point. ‘It’s All Coming Back to Me Now’ plays for a second, ‘I Surrender’ plays for a second, ‘My Heart Will Go On’ plays for a little bit, and all of this is happening out loud, but I don’t realize it.”

However, there was another embarrassment waiting in the wings for the TikToker. Once he realized his music was blaring out loud, Chris hastily paused it, assuring himself, “None of it played for that long.”

Later, Chris realized he was in the wrong seat when the lady in the window seat kept giving him curious looks, prompting a flight attendant to inquire about his seat number as per his boarding pass.

If that wasn’t awkward enough, brace yourself for the worst part. Yes, it gets even more cringe-worthy.

Chris then moved to the correct third row, but as he stood up and apologized to the woman in the window seat, he glanced at her face and recognized a familiar look.

After wracking his brain, pondering if he had met her before or something of the sort, he noticed a highlighted script among her belongings and soon realized that the woman might be an actress.

Not just any actress, but the Oscar-winning Kate Winslet herself, the star of Titanic, for which the theme tune happens to be Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On.”


KATE IF YOU SEE THIS IM SORRY I DIDN’T KNOW #storytime #katewinslet #titanic

? original sound – Chris Olsen

Chris’ followers flooded his post with laughter in response to his extraordinary encounter.

One TikToker quipped, “Welcome to today’s segment of ‘Scenes From Our Worst Nightmares’.”

“She was probably thinking, ‘Is this dude waiting for me to say ‘I’ll never let go, Jack’?!?!?'” another commented.

A third person exclaimed, “Screaming, crying, throwing up.”

And a final follower resolved, “This was so chaotic and amazing. Only you, Chris.”


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