Man Gets Slapped After Proposing with a Gummy Ring at MLB Baseball Game


This baseball fan’s proposal didn’t exactly go to plan…

In the now viral video, a Toronto Blue Jays fan decided to propose to his girlfriend on the steps of the sports ground in either a misguided attempt at making a big romantic gesture or a cruel prank.

He is, unfortunately met with a slap across the face. Probably not the answer he was looking for.

In the video, which has been viewed more than 450k times on @canadianpartylife’s TikTok, the man can be seen kissing his partner and getting down on one knee after confessing his love for her. They are met with ‘awwws’ from the watching sports fans.

The man then pulls out a box. Opens it and inside is…a huge red ring pop.

See below:


Shes said yes? #proposal #jays #toronto #foryourpage #fyp #baseball

? original sound – Canadianpartylife

His girlfriend excited face then drops, when she realizes. She then proceeds to slap him across the face, throw her drink on him and say “What the f**k is wrong with you?”

Oh dear…


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