Man Takes 10 COVID Vaccine Shots In Single Day


A man has caused outrage after taking 10 COVID vaccine shots in a single day after visiting numerous vaccination clinics.

Group manager operations for the Covid-19 vaccine and immunization program in New Zealand, Astrid Koornneef, confirmed the incident and said the country’s Ministry of Health  are taking the matter very seriously.

“We are very concerned about this situation and are working with the appropriate agencies,”

Many people had wondered what affect taking so many vaccine shots in a day would have on the ‘incredibly selfish’ man.

Professor Helen Petousis-Harris has confirmed it’s unlikely to give the man any serious issues.

“We know that people have in error been given the whole five doses in a vial instead of it being diluted, we know that has happened overseas, and we know with other vaccines errors have occurred and there has been no long-term problems,”


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