Marathon Runner Poops Down Her Leg But Completes Race And Breaks Record


A marathon runner was relieved in more ways than one after finishing a marathon with a new personal best record.

Addi Zerrenner pooped herself not once, not twice, but three times during the California International Marathon on December 5, with the first bowel movement occurring just seven miles in.

But Zerrenner proved she’s the real deal, by going on to complete the race with a new best time, and by finishing 30th of 3,133 women.

The athlete uploaded a picture to Instagram of her accident, and her face says it all.

She wrote:

When I say I left it all out on on the course today, I MEAN it! I was on pace for a nice PB, but sometimes sh*t happens (literally)! So grateful to finish with the support of my coach, team, and family. Onwards and upwards from here

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Despite it seeming pretty gross, it’s actual quite normal for this to happen during marathons.

Well done, Addi!


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