Marc Maron Calls Men Trying to Cancel ‘Barbie’ “Insecure Babies” and Says Greta Gerwig Film is a “Masterpiece”


Marc Maron, the comedian and podcaster, is not holding back in his criticism of conservative men who are trying to cancel the film “Barbie” for being “woke.”

In a passionate TikTok video, Maron shared his review of the Greta Gerwig-directed movie and had some strong words for its detractors.

“I saw Barbie and I thought it was a f***ing masterpiece. And like, I don’t throw that word around lightly, but, Jesus Christ,” Maron exclaimed, clearly impressed with the film.

Admitting that he was unsure of what to expect from Barbie and wasn’t particularly excited to see it, Maron was blown away by the film’s ability to create a broad-based entertainment experience that appeals to a wide spectrum of viewers, primarily women.

He praised its incorporation of progressive politics and basic feminism in a way that was both funny and informative, executed within an engaging context.

For Maron, Barbie stands out as a film that thoroughly explains feminist ideas while also delivering inspired comedy about men. He finds it embarrassing that certain men took offense to the film’s messaging to the point where they attempted to create a grift around it with their right-wing narrative.

“I mean, so embarrassing for them. Any dude that can’t take those hits in that movie, they’ve really got to look in their pants and decide what they’re made of. I mean, Jesus Christ, what a bunch of f***ing insecure babies,” Maron exclaimed, clearly frustrated with the backlash.

Conservative personalities have called for a boycott of Barbie and even attempted to start a viral trend by setting dolls on fire in protest.

Despite the controversy, Barbie continues to dominate the global box office, amassing an impressive $781 million globally through its second weekend.

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Marc Maron’s impassioned defense of Barbie and his scathing critique of those trying to cancel it highlights the film’s cultural impact and sparks a conversation about the intersection of entertainment, feminism, and politics in the modern age.

The movie’s ability to spark such strong reactions further cements its significance as a thought-provoking and relevant piece of cinema.


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