Margot Robbie Responds to the Internet’s Obsession with Her Feet


Margot Robbie has embraced the internet’s long-standing fascination with her feet, expressing that she finds it rather flattering.

Her feet first became a topic of discussion online when fans noticed them in Quentin Tarantino’s film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” However, it was her portrayal of Barbie that truly thrust her feet into the limelight.

On a peculiar website called ‘Wikifeet,’ Robbie’s feet are rated by users. Surprisingly, 6,731 users have deemed her feet ‘beautiful,’ but 97 others have opted for the ‘ugly’ label. As with anything on the internet, opinions vary widely.

When asked about this fixation, she candidly shared her experience with Culture Blend, revealing her initial discovery. “The very first time I Googled myself, you know how when you type something into Google and it predicts what the rest of it is going to be? I’d started working, and I was on some things, and I hadn’t Googled myself before, and so I wrote in ‘Margot Robbie,’ and before I finished writing ‘Robbie,’ ‘Margot Robbie feet’ came up.”

She further explained, “I clicked on it and realized that there were pictures zoomed in on my feet, and people were writing about them, and someone had made a video compilation of footage of my feet, and I was like, ‘oh wow, this is like a thing. I didn’t realize.'”

One might assume that such a realization would make most people feel uncomfortable, but Robbie appears to be an exception. The actress shared that she is genuinely flattered by the attention her feet receive. “I think that’s lovely. I am [flattered], genuinely. I don’t feel weird about it. I am actually like, that’s nice.”

It’s evident that Robbie takes the situation in stride and sees the positive side of the internet’s interest in her feet. While some might find it creepy or bizarre, she chooses not to be unnerved by it, recognizing that the online world has all sorts of corners with various interests.

For fans who appreciate Margot Robbie and her feet, they will have a chance to see her on the big screen in the film “Barbie,” hitting cinemas on July 21st. As she continues her successful acting career, she remains unbothered by the peculiar facets of internet fascination, focusing instead on her passion for acting and entertaining audiences worldwide.

In conclusion, Margot Robbie has taken a surprisingly positive approach to the internet’s obsession with her feet, finding it flattering rather than unsettling. Her feet have garnered attention online, and she acknowledges this aspect of internet culture with grace and humor. As she continues to shine on the big screen, fans and admirers can appreciate her talent and professionalism, looking beyond any internet curiosities to celebrate her contributions to the entertainment industry.


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