Matthew Perry Refused to Film Friends Scene where Chandler Cheats on Monica


Almost two decades after the beloved sitcom “Friends” concluded, the details behind its iconic scenes and characters are still coming to light.

A significant revelation surfaced regarding a storyline that almost changed the dynamic of the relationship between Chandler and Monica, thanks to Matthew Perry’s influence.

Matthew Perry, who portrayed Chandler Bing, a pivotal character within the series, substantially shaped the role with his witty humor and impeccable comic timing.

However, during the show’s fifth season, Perry allegedly objected to a particular storyline involving Chandler and Monica, portrayed by Courteney Cox.

Fans might recall the episodes set in Vegas where Ross undergoes his third marriage, yet behind the scenes, a plot twist was envisioned that would have dramatically altered the fate of Chandler and Monica’s relationship.

Lisa Cash, who featured as an extra in 1999, originally cast as a flight attendant, was initially intended to appear as a hotel staff member in the episodes where Monica and Chandler stay in a hotel in Vegas.

According to Cash’s recent interview with TMZ, she revealed that the original script outlined a scene where Chandler, after an argument with Monica about her lunch with Richard, would go to the hotel room, order room service, and be attended by Cash’s character.

The scene was intended to unfold with Chandler and Cash’s character engaging in a conversation, resulting in Chandler ultimately cheating on Monica.

However, Matthew Perry intervened the day before the live audience shoot, expressing concerns to the show’s writers.

Cash recalled Perry’s direct approach: “The audience will never forgive him for cheating on Monica.”

His decisive stance persuaded the writers to alter the plot. Cash acknowledged that Perry’s intervention likely prevented a pivotal shift in the series’ trajectory.

While Cash acknowledged the missed opportunity of acting alongside Perry, she appreciated her experiences working with Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer during a plane scene, noting that engaging with Perry, even though it didn’t make it to TV, was a gratifying experience.

Perry’s decision to alter the storyline underscores his understanding of the characters’ dynamics and the impact it could have had on the show’s integrity. Although it was a missed chance for Cash, Perry’s conviction in preserving Chandler and Monica’s relationship was a testament to the sensitivity towards the characters’ narrative and the audience’s attachment to them.


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