Matthew Perry’s Death Sparks Inaccurate Rumors Regarding Lisa Kudrow

Matthew Perry’s Death Sparks Inaccurate Rumors Regarding Lisa Kudrow

On October 28, Matthew Perry passed away at his Los Angeles home, with the cause reported as an apparent drowning. Amid the grief over his death, false reports emerged about Lisa Kudrow adopting Perry’s dog, despite confirmations that the late actor didn’t own a dog at the time of his passing.

While there was speculation about Kudrow taking in Perry’s dog, the truth is that Perry didn’t have a dog. Perry had a doodle mix named Alfred, which he shared with his ex-fiancée, Molly Hurwitz. Their relationship, which began in 2018, led to an engagement in November 2020 but ended in June 2021.

Molly Hurwitz, who still has Alfred, celebrated the dog’s third birthday with an Instagram tribute, referring to Alfred as a loving and comforting companion, sharing heartwarming photos alongside the caption: “Alfred is three. He is very annoying a lot of the time, but he is truly the most loving potato.”

In the wake of Perry’s passing, Hurwitz paid tribute to the late actor on social media. She expressed gratitude for the time they shared, emphasizing the lessons she learned from their relationship. Hurwitz also acknowledged the public admiration for Perry’s talent and fame, citing his profound impact and complexity in her life.

Hurwitz spoke candidly about Perry’s struggles with addiction and the impact it had on their relationship. She expressed relief at the thought of Perry finding peace after a long battle with addiction and acknowledged the deep effect he had on her.

Following Perry’s death, a joint statement was issued by his Friends co-stars – Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, and Matt LeBlanc. They expressed devastation over the loss of Matthew Perry, highlighting their deep bond beyond mere cast mates.

Perry had been open about his struggles with addiction and substance abuse in his 2022 memoir, ‘Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing’. He shared his personal challenges, including alcohol addiction and a dependency on the pain medication Vicodin. His experiences with rehab and therapy sessions culminated in a desire to help others facing similar challenges.

Matthew Perry’s passing marked a tragic loss, prompting heartfelt tributes from loved ones and close friends, and served as a sobering reminder of the harrowing impact of addiction on both individuals and their relationships.


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