Matthew Perry’s Friend Shuts Down Bizarre ‘Mattman’ Conspiracy Theory

Matthew Perry’s Friend Shuts Down Bizarre ‘Mattman’ Conspiracy Theory

Reports indicating that Matthew Perry’s death led to the Friends cast expressing their sadness were debunked. Contrary to these claims, close individuals like his ex-fiancée, Molly Hurwitz, paid homage while the toxicology report on his death circulated.

However, unfounded rumors emerged on the internet, suggesting a darker significance to Perry’s social media use of “Mattman.” Fortunately, a close friend of Perry, Athenna Crosby, debunked these insinuations as excessive, confirming that “Mattman” was merely a Batman-themed joke to Perry.

Crosby highlighted Perry’s fondness for Batman, illustrating how he humorously referred to himself as “Mattman” and even associated his vehicle as the Batmobile. She emphasized that Perry’s references to the superhero were not coded messages about his well-being but rather a reflection of his playful nature.

Additionally, Crosby humorously attributed Perry’s “Mattman” posts to his nerdy inclinations, suggesting that those speculating on conspiracy theories were overreaching.

Despite such clarification, internet speculation often tends to magnify minor details. In 2022, Perry authentically detailed his path to achieving long-term sobriety in his memoir, “Friends, Lovers, And The Big Terrible Thing.” This book shed light on his prolonged struggle with substance abuse, although his final year appeared to show a positive and stable life, fostering sobriety and aiding others in their recovery journey.


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