Megan Thee Stallion Graduates From Texas Southern University


Megan Thee Stallion has graduated from Texas Southern University and the video is absolutely brilliant.

The rapper has been working hard studying health administration and received her Bachelor’s Degree Saturday in a graduation ceremony at Texas Southern University.

Megan Thee Stallion wrote on Twitter:

My college experience has been a roller coaster! I started at PV went to some community colleges in between and I’m ending at TSU. Don’t get discouraged! You can chase your dreams and your education at the same time.

She also shared the news on Instagram:

HOTTIES…I’m officially a @nike Yardrunner, y’all! I’ll be graduating from my HBCU TEXAS SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY this Saturday!! I want y’all to remember that you can do whatever you wanna do and be whoever you wanna be, cause look at me!

Watch the video of the ceremony below:



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