Men Arrested for Hacking Fuel Pumps to Reduce Gas Prices


Four men in Florida have been arrested for hacking fuel pumps to dramatically reduce the price of gas.

With gas prices rising, many people are attempting to find ways to cut the costs. These four men took matters into their own hands, however, installing ‘pulsators’ in the pumps to cut the prices.

According to reports, thefts took place in Circle K convenience store in Lutz and Lakeland, Florida.

Yordian Diaz-Benitez was arrested on March 10th in Lutz, while Marlon Rosel-Rodriguez was arrested on March 12th for attempting to place a device at the same station.

Ned Bowman, President of the Florida Petroleum Marketers Association explained how pulsators drop the price of fuel:

“to change the price of the fuel down to a nickel or a penny to the gallon and fill the back of their trucks up–their bladders or spare tanks–with fuel that’s basically free”

Bowen added that ‘these are crime rings’ and also ‘I think you are going to see this expand’.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services commented that they have a ‘zero tolerance’ policy for ‘theft like this, or actual fraud’.


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