‘Mermaid’ Optical Illusion Leaves Internet Completely Baffled

‘Mermaid’ Optical Illusion Leaves Internet Completely Baffled

A viral optical illusion has left people on social media confused.

The image was posted with the caption that those who are right-brained will see a fish and those who are left-brained will see a mermaid.

However, most people saw something completely different to what they were told they would see.

People were quick to share what they saw, including celebrities:

The only thing people could agree on is that the image is more of a donkey/seal than a fish/mermaid…

One Twitter user said:

“i saw a donkey until i read some people see a seal now it is both. top donkey bottom seal depending where i look!”

Another said:

“i see a donkey or a seal. I don’t see a mermaid or fish? what does that make me? alien?”

Which do you see?


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