Michael Jackson Stopped Concert to Save a Bug’s Life


In light of the tragedy at Astroworld on Friday, videos of musicians stopping concerts at the first sight of danger have been going viral.

A video of Dave Grohl stopping a concert after becoming concerned for the safety of a fan first resurfaced.

The video of the Foo Fighters frontman helping an autistic child has had almost 10,000 RTs on Twitter.

A member of the family responded to the video:

This was my family that got called up on stage. We weren’t in any trouble at all, Dave just saw me holding my son up and thought he needed a better seat. But the whole experience was awesome. Dave is the greatest, they let us hang out side stage the rest of the show.

As the family member stated, the child wasn’t in danger, so comparisons shouldn’t be made to the events at Astroworld.

But one thing it does show, is that Dave Grohl is one of the nicest guys in the industry.

Another video of a pop star stopping a show has gone viral. This time a Michael Jackson clip has been shared across TikTok showing the King of Pop stopping a show to save a bug’s life.


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Meanwhile, Travis Scott is being sued for ‘encouraging violence’.


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