Michelle Beadle Shares New Claims About LeBron James Wanting Her Fired From ESPN


It turns out Michelle Beadle and LeBron James still have beef 10 years on from LeBron’s absurd 75-minute special on ESPN when he announced his departure from Cleveland.

Michelle Beard criticized James and The Decision at the time, and James really didn’t like it.

On a recent appearance on the ‘House of Strauss‘ podcast, Beard gave more details on LeBron trying to get her fired.

She said:

“He did try to [get me fired]. I was like, ‘I’m honored I’m even on your mind. Thank you very much, sir. That’s a very weird place for me to be,”

“My stuff with him started off not personal. I made fun of ‘The Decision’ like 400,000 other talking heads did at the time. I think for some reason that was it. It wasn’t personal to begin, but now it will always be personal. It is what it is.”

Beadle was then asked what it was like to go through all that.

“To find out … I was just like ‘hey, what a weird person to have any input on your life,’”

“He had a person at the network who he wanted. He wanted her to be the host of [NBA Countdown]. He does not like me, and I honestly have stopped trying to figure out why. For some reason, it goes back years. I’ve been around Maverick Carter. He refuses to shake my hand.”


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