Michigan Scored 42 Points While Wearing ‘TM42’ To Honor Student Who Charged School Shooter


Michigan football players wore a ‘TM42’ patch on their jerseys in honor of Tate Myre, a heroic student who died while charging a school shooter.

The family of Tate attended as honorary captains in the Big 10 championship game against Iowa where the team paid tribute.

Michigan scored 42 points in the game, and people immediately saw the significance.

Some things are meant to be. Michigan scores 42. Tate Myre wore 42. His family served as honorary captains tonight.

Tate Myre, who was a talented running back for the Oxford Wildcats football team, was killed while trying to disarm the shooter.

One tribute said:

We teach our kids to be tough, to stand up – to fight. This kid did it on the football field and he did it today in the moment of truth. This kid is a hero – my heart is empty yet full at the same time. Life is a precious gift folks. RIP Tate Myre. Kearsley football won’t forget

A petition has now been set up to rename the local football stadium in his honor.


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