Mike Tyson Doesn’t Flinch when Crazed Man Pulls Gun On Him


In outstanding footage, Mike Tyson barely flinches after a crazed man pulled a gun out at a comedy show he attended.

Video, obtained by TMZ from a rooftop bar on 22nd March in Hollywood, shows the legendary boxer enjoying a comedy show with friends.

He is sat towards the front of the audience, near the stage when an unknown man approaches him, interrupting the comedian’s set.

It is unclear what is being said in the video, but eye witnesses have reported to TMZ that the unknown man was challenging Tyson to a fight.

The professional boxer remains cool and calm through the bizarre exchange. The host intervenes, which appears to agitate the man more.

In reaction to being asked to leave, the unknown man then pulls what appears to be a gun from his waistband, while people gasp and duck under tables in response.

The unknown man then approaches Tyson and asks him not to call the police. Tyson then listens to what the man had to say, ending the exchange with a hug, after which the man left.

Thank goodness no one was hurt. Bizarre situation that was handled very well ??


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