Millie Bobby Brown No Longer Believes in Flat Earth Theory


Millie Bobby Brown has admitted that despite previous comments, she no longer believes in the flat earth conspiracy.

In 2018 the Stranger Things star called herself a “flat earther” during a live stream. Watch below:


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Four years later, fans are still baffled that the actress would believe that the Earth is flat.

During an interview with Vanity Fair, where she was questioned under a lie detector, the 18-year-old was asked if she still believes the theory.

She said “no” and the lie detector verified this as truth. The actress then went on to explain that at the time she did no believe the Earth was round because she had never seen the curve of the planet while in an aeroplane.

Watch the full interview below:

Modern scientist have proven that the Earth is sphere but social media has encouraged a huge rise in the ‘flat-earther’ community.


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