Miranda Lambert Stops Concert to Berate Fans Taking Selfies


Miranda Lambert made a bold statement during her concert, emphasizing the importance of actively listening to the music rather than focusing on taking selfies. The incident occurred during her Vegas residency show on Saturday night when she was about to perform her song, “Tin Man.” Lambert decided to pause and address a group of women near the front who were engrossed in snapping photos of themselves instead of paying attention to her performance.

Expressing her frustration, Lambert instructed her band to stop playing, signaling her desire to address the issue. She directly called out the women, emphasizing her disappointment that they were more interested in taking selfies than immersing themselves in the music. Lambert’s intention was clear – she wanted her fans to be fully present in the moment.

“I’m gonna stop for a minute,” Lambert stated, bringing the music to a halt. She gestured to the women, urging them to put their phones away and be fully engaged. It appears that the message resonated with the audience, as the women complied with Lambert’s request. Once they had put their phones away, she resumed the song and continued with her captivating vocals.

Although Lambert carried on with her performance, it was evident that she was genuinely irritated by what she perceived as disrespectful behavior from a couple of fans. Her decision to pause the show and address the issue demonstrated her strong belief in the power of live music and the importance of actively participating in the concert experience.

Lambert’s dedication to her craft and her desire for fans to truly engage with her music is reflective of her passion as an artist. By reminding concert-goers to put their phones down and immerse themselves in the music, Lambert aimed to create a more intimate and connected atmosphere.


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While the incident may have been brief, Lambert’s message resonated strongly. It serves as a reminder that live performances are meant to be experienced in the present moment, free from distractions. Lambert’s desire for her fans to actively listen to her music reflects her commitment to creating meaningful and memorable performances.

Ultimately, Lambert’s decision to stop the show and address the issue highlights her dedication to her craft and her unwavering passion for creating a profound connection with her audience. By urging fans to embrace the magic of live music and be fully present, Lambert emphasized the transformative power of a shared musical experience.


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