Model Striking Poses on the Beach gets Hilariously Photobombed by Unsuspecting Man


A model’s beach photoshoot took an unexpected turn when an unsuspecting bloke photobombed her, and the hilarious video has resurfaced on Reddit, gaining over 20 million views.

Kristina Mendonca, dressed in a red bikini, was striking poses at Sydney’s Bondi Beach, showcasing her tan when the attention shifted to the background. A man emerged from the water, exuding pure joy at being on the beach.

In an interview with Yahoo News, Mendonca shared her delight at the viral video and hoped that people wouldn’t criticize it. She explained that the video was posted because she values authenticity on her Instagram. Rather than focusing solely on perfect shots, Mendonca prefers to show behind-the-scenes moments and real-life photos to her followers.

The video’s recent repost on the r/IAmTheMainCharacter subreddit garnered over 1.2k upvotes, with many commenters noting the photobomber’s uncanny resemblance to a character from Attack on Titan. Some jokingly referred to him as a scene-stealer, playfully comparing him to a supporting character who stole the spotlight from the main protagonist.

The humor-filled exchange in the comment section further entertained viewers. Some quipped about the Australian model’s background while others playfully inquired about the photobomber’s social media handle, although it seems that the internet has yet to locate him.

Despite the playful banter, the video continues to bring laughter to people all around the world. Kristina Mendonca’s authentic and lighthearted approach to her Instagram posts resonates with her followers, appreciating the genuine moments she shares. As for the beach-loving photobomber, he remains an internet mystery, but his infectious happiness left an enduring mark on the viral video, brightening the day of countless viewers.


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