Mom Saves Thousands Of Dollars Every Year With Simple Shopping Hack


Times are hard, right? And here at Adult Humor we know it’s not easy being a mom. So, when we come across something that can save you guys money, we’ve got to share it.

Janelle, a mom from Australia, has shared a saving method she uses, and it has inspired moms all over the world.

Since Janelle started using the method in January 2020, she has managed to save $2,500.


So, what does Janelle do?

Well, every time she takes advantage of discounted items every time she goes food shopping.

Not only that, but once she’s finished shopping, she checks the receipt, so see just how much she saved.

Here’s the clever part.

She takes that exact amount and puts it in a separate ‘shopping docket account’ and acts as though it never existed.

So, by essentially paying full price for these discounted items, she ends up with savings.

Woman's bank statement

And each Christmas, when money is tight, Janelle empties her shopping docket account to help her through the festive period.

“I am pretty much rewarding our good choices at the supermarket and it’s a great Christmas bonus,” she said.


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