Mom Says Her Missing Daughter Is ‘Just As Important As Gabby Petito’ And Pleads For Help


The mom of a missing girl has pleaded for help, saying her daughter is ‘just as important as Gabby Petito’.

Cheryl Walker, the mother of Lateche Norris, from Indiana, hasn’t heard anything from her daughter since November 5.

The last contact Cheryl had with her daughter was when Lateche frantically called her mother from a stranger’s phone in San Diego after allegedly having a fight with her boyfriend.

Since that phone call, nobody has heard from Lateche, and her family are desperately worried for her safety.

Lateche’s boyfriend Joseph Smith is also missing.

A missing poster for reads:

Last seen November 4, 2021 at a 7-11 store located at 222 Park Blvd San Diego, CA. She was wearing black leggings, and black sweatshirt, black tennis shoes with some white and was carrying a black and white checkered backpack. She made contact with her mother via a strangers phone on November 5, 2021. Family are concerned for her safety after a fight with her boyfriend, who can no longer be reached.

In a Facebook post, Lachete’s said she’s just as important of Gabby Petito as she pleaded for help.

My daughter is just as important as Gabby Petito. As if what happened to that sweet girl wasn’t heartbreaking enough.

My daughter followed a troubled man out here that she loves, her spirit is a force to be reckoned with. I don’t care what anybody says, my daughter agreeing to rough it for a few days upon arriving here, does not mean she planned on being homeless. I know her, I’m not blind, and I’m not naïve. My daughter isn’t an addict, she isn’t a recovering addict.

Let’s hope she’s found safe and well.


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