Mom’s Terrifying Find in 7-Year-Old Son’s Bedroom has Us Feeling Itchy


A mother recently found herself in a state of bewilderment when she discovered a peculiar substance at the foot of her 7-year-old son’s bed.

Perplexed by the unidentified material, she turned to the Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas Facebook group, seeking insights and posing the question, “Does anybody have any idea what this could be? It’s at the end of my son’s bed on the floor.”

A mom asked a Facebook group for help after discovery a strange substance near her son's bed.

Accompanying her query were images revealing a significant mound of an unknown substance sprawled across the bedroom floor. The mother provided additional details, stating, “Not anywhere else in his room, not in his ottoman bed base or under his bed. Just at the end in one spot (I’ve spread it out a bit to look). Any ideas, please?”

Some people theorized that it could be due to a mice infestation.

Promptly, members of the Facebook group chimed in with a mix of concern and speculative humor. One member humorously exclaimed, “Nope … new fear unlocked,” while another playfully mentioned, “OMG, my skin is crawling – I hope this is cereal as I’m about to freak the freak out.”

However, the speculations took a more alarming turn when a member suggested, “Definitely tarantula black widow scorpion eggs. Extremely bitey, and they bide their time to attack.” This ominous theory was met with agreement from another contributor who remarked, “The horror definitely looks like it’s from something scary.”

Among the varied speculations, a recurring theme emerged suggesting a potential mice infestation. Members shared experiences of similar incidents, with one revealing, “Had this in both my kids’ bedrooms. They had them ‘Warmies’ that go in the microwave. You heat them up, and they smell like lavender. Anyways, it turns out I had mice, eating all the insides of the toys I caught them on camera. I had to move out. So my advice is bin the toys and get your traps out.”

Another member echoed this sentiment, recalling a similar occurrence in their shed due to mice or rats. The humorous side of the discussion emerged when someone amusingly commented, “Mice have had a lot of fun,” expressing relief by saying, “I’m so glad that everyone said mice because, at first, I thought it was ticks.”

Ultimately, the mother provided clarity to the mystery, revealing that the substance originated from a microwavable heat pack that had unexpectedly burst. “I hoovered it a couple of days ago, and it wasn’t there. I went back to hoover again, and it was,” she explained. The revelation brought a sense of relief, with others sharing their experiences of similar incidents involving microwavable heat packs, speculating that the burst occurred due to the seeds inside these toys.

In the end, what initially seemed like a potentially alarming situation turned out to have a more innocent explanation, sparing the family from any tarantula black widow scorpion egg-related nightmares.


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