Movie Critic says Oppenheimer is the Best and Most Important Film of this Century


Oppenheimer, the latest film by director Christopher Nolan, has received a remarkable and laudatory review from renowned movie critic Paul Schrader, famous for penning the screenplay for the iconic film Taxi Driver.

Schrader expressed his enthusiasm for the film on his personal Facebook page, dubbing it “one of the most important films of the century.” According to Schrader, Oppenheimer is an absolute must-see event and surpasses Nolan’s previous works.

Credit: Paul Schrader/Facebook

In response to inquiries about the film’s worthiness of viewing in IMAX 70mm, Nolan’s preferred format, Schrader assured that the cinematic experience would be truly worth it.

This glowing review resonates with comments from other movie critics who had the privilege of an advanced screening before its official release on July 20.

One critic praised the film as a thrilling three-hour ride, commending the performances of Cillian and Downey as Oscar-worthy and anticipating the film to garner various technical awards.

Another critic hailed Oppenheimer as a gripping biopic with an intense and gradual build-up that culminates in a grand finale explosion, showcasing a remarkable ensemble.

Based on the 2005 novel “American Prometheus” by Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin, the film revolves around the life of real-life physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, who led a team of scientists working to develop the world’s first atomic bomb during World War II.

Oppenheimer marks Nolan’s first venture into biographical filmmaking, though it’s not the first collaboration between Nolan and lead actor Cillian Murphy, who has appeared in Nolan’s Batman trilogy, Dunkirk, and Inception.

Murphy himself emphasized the film’s significance as a cinematic experience, urging audiences to witness it on the largest screen possible. According to the actor, Oppenheimer contains moments that will leave viewers astounded and captivated.

With such high praise from both critics and the lead star, Oppenheimer has already become one of the most anticipated and talked-about films of the year, promising to be a cinematic masterpiece that will leave a lasting impact on audiences worldwide.


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