MrBeast YouTube Star Kris Tyson just Came Out as Trans


YouTube star Kris Tyson, famously known as MrBeast, has recently made a courageous and empowering announcement. In an interview with fellow YouTuber Anthony Padilla, Kris proudly declared, “I’m happy to say I’m a woman. It’s something that’s honestly so freeing.” With this revelation, Kris officially came out as transgender, embracing her true identity.

During the candid conversation, Kris shared that she had been confident in her decision to identify as a woman for over a year, but hadn’t publicly disclosed it until now. As she began to make changes to her appearance, including growing her hair out, she recognized that she did not identify as cisgender. At first, she explored the term “gender fluid” to describe her feelings, attempting to understand her connection to masculinity and societal expectations associated with her persona as Chris from MrBeast.

Through deep introspection and discussions with a therapist, Kris discovered that her attachment to certain aspects of masculinity was rooted in societal pressures rather than a genuine reflection of her identity. While she thoroughly enjoyed activities traditionally associated with being male, such as starting fires and building things, Kris never truly felt like “the guy.” This realization marked a significant turning point in her journey towards self-discovery.

Earlier this year, in April, Kris announced that she had commenced hormone replacement therapy, which sparked speculation about her gender identity at the time. She clarified that, at that point, she wasn’t officially coming out as a trans woman, but that moment has now arrived. Kris expressed how liberating it is to share her truth and embrace her identity as a woman.

As she moves forward, Kris will be using a new name privately within her circle of family and friends. However, on the internet and among her followers, she will continue to be known as Kris, and she will use she/her pronouns to reflect her gender identity.

When asked about her feelings after coming out, Kris admitted that, for the longest time, even sharing her truth with her closest friends made her hands tremble with nervousness. But now, she can confidently proclaim, “I’m a woman. I’m happy to say I’m a woman. It’s something that’s honestly so freeing.” Embracing her true self has allowed Kris to experience a sense of liberation and joy that she had long yearned for.

Kris Tyson’s announcement serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of self-acceptance and living authentically. Her courage in sharing her journey with the world inspires countless others to embrace their identities and break free from societal expectations. By sharing her truth, Kris is not only transforming her own life but also making a positive impact on the lives of many others. Her story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the power of self-discovery.

Amazing! We are so happy for you, Kris!


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