NASA Spots Eerie Green Light on Jupiter and Captures Image


NASA has spotted an eerie green light on the surface of Jupiter and has captured the incredible image.

The scientific community is abuzz with excitement after a NASA spacecraft captured an extraordinary image of a mysterious green light emanating from Jupiter.

The ability of photographs and videos to offer insights into distant planets and stars is truly remarkable. However, when these visual recordings unveil unexpected phenomena, they can give rise to a sense of unease.

Released by the space agency last week, the photo was taken during NASA’s Juno mission, as it completed its 31st close flyby of Jupiter on December 30th, 2020.

The image unveils the immense swirling patterns characteristic of Jupiter, a gas giant. However, what immediately catches the eye is a peculiar circle of vibrant green light in the center.

Standing out prominently against Jupiter’s dark blue and brown hues, it is evident that this luminous phenomenon is not an inherent feature of the planet itself. It almost appears as if a glowstick has been accidentally dropped or an exuberant celebration of St. Patrick’s Day has taken place. Nevertheless, it is clear that extraterrestrial beings are not responsible for this occurrence.

So, what does science have to say about it? Contrary to popular extraterrestrial theories, the luminosity is believed to be the result of a lightning bolt striking in the vicinity of Jupiter’s north pole.

On Earth, lightning originates from water clouds and manifests as bright-white flashes that we are familiar with. However, on Jupiter, lightning occurs within clouds containing an ammonia-water solution, and it predominantly transpires near the poles.

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, is renowned for its colossal storms. One such tempest is the famous “Great Red Spot,” which many may recognize from images of Jupiter’s surface. Spanning approximately 16,350 km (10,159 miles) in width, this storm is large enough to engulf our entire planet, making it clear that an ordinary umbrella would be utterly futile.

With its eerie luminosity and storms dwarfing our very own Earth, Jupiter is undeniably a celestial body not to be trifled with.


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