Netflix fans ‘can’t get enough’ of ’10/10? thriller and are binge watching series in a day

Netflix fans ‘can’t get enough’ of ’10/10? thriller and are binge watching series in a day

Netflix has dropped a new thriller, ‘Pact of Silence’, and it’s causing quite the stir. Directed by Carlos Villegas Rosales and penned by José Vicente Spataro, this series is racking up serious points with a stellar 92% on Rotten Tomatoes.

It’s the kind of show that’s got people clearing their schedules to binge-watch in a single day.

The plot centers around Brenda Rey, portrayed by Camila Valero. Brenda’s story is one of resilience and revenge. Abandoned in the woods as an infant by four privileged kids, she endures a childhood marked by homelessness and abuse. But Brenda isn’t one to be kept down.

She claws her way out of poverty and becomes a social media powerhouse, wielding influence and resources most can only dream of. Yet, instead of basking in her success, Brenda is on a mission for retribution against those who tried to erase her existence, including the complicit headmistress.

The cast, featuring Adriana Louvier, Marimar Vega, and singer Litzy, brings this gripping tale to life against the backdrop of Mexico.

The series has quickly won over fans, with social media buzzing with praise. Comments range from viewers admitting they’ve ditched their usual aversion to dubbed shows for this ‘fire’ series, to others confessing to marathon sessions into the wee hours of the morning. The consensus? ‘Pact of Silence’ is a must-watch, a perfect blend of drama and intrigue that’s too good to pass up.


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