Netflix just Got Even More Expensive… Again


Netflix latest price increase in the US are coming into effect.

Many subscribers of the popular streaming site may have been contacted by the company alerting them that their price plan will increase with their next billing month.

Kumiko Hidaka, a spokesperson of the site, told The Verge that the price increases are being applied to existing subscribers “over weeks” adding that some customers may have already notice the change.

The services basic plan now costs $9.99 per month (an increase from $8.99). The standard tier cover costs $15.49 (an increase from $13.99) and its 4K tier costs $19.99 per month (an increase from $17.99). Meaning the popular streaming site is charging up to almost $20 each month for access to its service.

People took to Twitter to share their thoughts:

Sure, it’s only another dollar or two per month depending on which plan you have, but adding it up with all the other services we subscribe to – it all starts to add up!


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