New Angle Shows What Happened to Woman after Cardi B threw Her Microphone at Her


Following Cardi B’s microphone toss at a fan during her Las Vegas concert, a new angle has emerged, shedding light on what transpired right after the incident took place.

The incident quickly went viral on social media, capturing the moment when the rapper was performing ‘Bodak Yellow,’ and a fan recklessly threw a drink onto the stage. Understandably, this act would upset anyone, but the 30-year-old artist wasted no time expressing her feelings. Before the drink even had a chance to settle, she looked towards the right side of the stage, pinpointed the fan responsible in the crowd, and skillfully hurled her microphone with the precision and force of an NFL quarterback.

The concert’s emcee also expressed shock and concern over the unexpected turn of events. The video garnered significant attention online, with users speculating about potential conflict between Cardi B and the audience member. While many fans were intrigued and somewhat proud of the rapper’s assertiveness during the event, a TikTok video has since surfaced, revealing a different angle to the story.

A woman attending the concert filmed herself and coincidentally captured the moment when Cardi B threw the microphone at the female fan. The camera then shifted its focus to the woman in question, and her astonishment was evident. She immediately began apologizing multiple times to Cardi for her thoughtless act of throwing the drink on stage.


im just glad cardi got good aim??? #fyp #cardib #drais

? original sound – Mayah??

Despite the incident, the music continued playing, and security personnel promptly intervened, approaching the woman in the crowd to address the situation. On TikTok, viewers observed the woman’s genuine remorse, describing her facial expressions as a clear display of regret. One viewer noted that she appeared truly sorry and bewildered, as if she hadn’t intended to throw the drink at the rapper in the first place.

Another viewer speculated that the woman may have been merely waving her arms in excitement but accidentally had a drink in her hand at the time. The incident has prompted varied reactions and discussions on social media platforms.

Cardi B seems resolute in her actions, as she chose to share a video of the microphone toss on Twitter. However, some viewers who saw the clips of the moment raised concerns that ‘Bodak Yellow’ was still playing on the speakers, with Cardi rapping over her own voice during the incident. This detail further adds to the complexity of the situation.

Ultimately, this incident serves as a reminder to concert-goers and the general public to refrain from throwing objects at artists while they perform on stage, as such actions can lead to unintended consequences and harm others. It is essential to exercise consideration and thoughtfulness in all our actions, regardless of the setting.

As the controversy surrounding the incident unfolds, it is crucial for both artists and fans to foster an atmosphere of respect and mutual appreciation during live performances. Let this be a lesson to everyone: stop throwing things at artists during their performances and, more importantly, avoid engaging in any behavior that may harm others in any context.


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