New Bigfoot Sighting Has Experts Admitting ‘It Could Be Real’


There are few things I love more than binging on wild conspiracies.

When the latest Loch Ness Monster sighting came up, I was straight on to YouTube for three hours watching pixelated cameras sighting random fictional monsters.

But a Bigfoot sighting has proven to be so good that even experts are saying it could actually be real.

Expert Seth Breedslove said:

“The subject seems to be very large but the movement possibly gives away the potential for some trickery.

The thing does appear to be large though, so maybe it’s real?

It was so good, even the comment section was overwhelmingly positive.

One comment said:

“Best footage I’ve seen in a while I understand the shakiness I would’ve been pooing in my pants woooooow that thing was huge.”

What do you think?


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