NFL could be Eliminating Kickoffs for Good, Changes Likely Coming


The NFL is on the brink of a significant change, as the league’s Vice President for Football Operations, Troy Vincent, recently hinted at the potential elimination of kickoffs. Once a thrilling aspect of the game, kickoffs have become increasingly rare, with many now viewing them as superfluous.

Vincent’s comments, while not explicitly stating that kickoffs will be entirely removed, suggest a shift in the league’s approach to this play. The focus is on the kickoff fair catch rule, which allows players within the 25-yard line to fair catch the kickoff, placing the ball at their own 25-yard line. This rule, similar to one in college football, was implemented to reduce the number of kickoffs returned, motivated by research indicating higher injury rates during these plays.

The NFL’s efforts to increase touchbacks began in 2011 when the kickoff point was moved from the 30-yard line to the 35-yard line. This adjustment successfully reduced the number of kickoff returns. However, teams adapted by executing short, high kicks to encourage returns, often stopping the returner inside the 25-yard line. To counter this strategy, the league introduced the fair catch rule.

Currently, very few kickoffs are returned, with only two resulting in touchdowns this year. This decline in returns raises questions about the future of kickoffs in the NFL. While eliminating the fair catch rule seems unlikely due to its safety implications, the league may be considering phasing out kickoffs altogether.

The question then arises: what about onside kicks? Recent rule changes have made recovering onside kicks more challenging. One proposed alternative is to allow teams seeking possession to face a 4th and 15 situation at their own 25-yard line. Success would mean retaining the ball at the conversion spot, while failure would hand possession to the defense at the ball’s location.

This potential shift in the NFL’s approach to kickoffs reflects a broader trend in the sport. The era of celebrated kickoff returners like Dante Hall appears to be fading, as the league prioritizes player safety and reevaluates the strategic value of kickoffs. The NFL’s consideration of these changes underscores the evolving nature of the game, where tradition and innovation continually intersect to shape the future of football.


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