Novak Djokovic Facing Deportation If He’s Lied About Vaccination Exemption


Novak Djokovic has caused outrage after trying to enter Australia without being vaccinated against COVID-19.

The tennis star was hoping to compete in the upcoming Australian Open, which starts on January 17.

However, the world number 1 “failed to provide appropriate evidence” of being exempt from vaccination, and was denied entry to the country.

Australia’s deputy president has now said the star faces deportation if it’s found that he lied about being exempt from the jab.

Barnaby Joyce told the BBC:

“If he hasn’t filled out the forms appropriately then he’s taking the sovereign capacity of another nation for a joke,”

“100% someone’s made a mistake and if he hasn’t told the truth then the person who’s made the mistake is Mr Djokovic.”

“You can’t just wander around the world thinking that because you’re really rich you’re really above the laws of other nations.”

The 34-year-old is currently in immigration detention after his entry was denied.


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