One of Ukraine’s Biggest Actors Killed in Russian Attack


Oksana Shvets, a 67-year-old Ukrainian actor, has been killed in a Russian rocket attack.

The actor has died after the residential building she was in in Kyiv was struck by Russian rockets.

Shvets’s death was announced by the Young Theatre, which she was a part of. Her colleagues expressed “unrepairable grief’ over the actors death. The statement announcing her death read:

“Bright memory to the talented actress!”

“There is no forgiveness for the enemy that has come to our land!”

She was one of the country’s most accomplished performing artists. Not only had Shvets worked in the Young Theatre but also at the Ternopil Music and Drama Theatre and the Kyiv Theatre of Satire.

Shvets death follows Pasha Lee, another Ukrainian actor who died aged 33 after enlisting in the army’s Territorial Defence Forces.

The war in Ukraine continues – celebrities in the West are doing what they can to help in these devastating times.

Tragic news, RIP.


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