OnlyFans Star Claims She was Kicked Out of Supermarket for Wearing ‘Too Short Clothes’


Kerolay Chaves, a 21-year-old model and influencer, claims to have been the victim of discrimination and ‘hot woman phobia’ after being kicked out of a supermarket in Belo Horizonte, Brazil for wearing revealing clothing.

Chaves, who has a large social media following, including 435,000 followers on Instagram and 2.2 million on TikTok, was wearing very short denim shorts, a white crop top, and flip flops while shopping, when she was asked to leave the store.

Chaves shared her experience on Instagram, stating that she was bullied for wearing “too short clothes” and that she felt offended by the “gratuitous hate” she received both in the market and in her Instagram post.

She added that she believed that the insults she received were due to “hot woman phobia,” a term she uses to describe the discrimination that attractive women face on a regular basis.

Chaves went on to express her disappointment in the way women are treated simply because of the way they dress.

She believes that women should be able to dress how they want without facing any negative consequences.

“I think it’s absurd that we women are still treated this way just because we dress how we want,” she said. “Truth is, we go through it because we’re too hot, that’s all.”

However, not everyone agreed with Chaves.

Some people commented on her post, suggesting that she was the one in the wrong for dressing provocatively in a public space.

One person wrote, “No need to go to a supermarket dressed like that. You who are embarrassing the decent people who are often there with children.”

Another commented, “I guess the same way a shirtless man would get kicked out of the spot happened to you.”

Despite the negative comments, Chaves received support from many of her fans. One person wrote, “Wrong thing they did to you. Everyone wears clothes that feel better,” while another commented, “Future wife of some.”

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