Patrick Mahomes’ Fiancée Responds To NFL Fans Wanting Her Banned From Games


Furious NFL fans are calling for Patrick Mahomes’ fiancee to be banned from games.

Brittany Matthews was pumped after the Chiefs dramatic win against Bills, and went slightly over the top with her celebration.

A video was shared on Instagram of Mahomes’ fiancee spraying champagne over Chiefs fans below. But while it may seem a perfectly understandable thing to do in the moment, it’s caused many questions on Twitter.

The video has led to fans questioning the company that Mahomes keeps.

Some fans have even called for Brittany to be banned from stadiums.

Brittany has since responded to the online backlash with a cryptic tweet.

Meanwhile, angry football fans have called for a change to the NFL overtime rules after the dramatic Chiefs touchdown vs Bills.

The game is being hailed as game of the year by football fans, but Bills fans were left heartbroken because of the league’s overtime rules.

Angry Fans Call For NFL To Change Overtime Rules After Chiefs’ Walk-Off TD Vs Bills


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