People Actually Think Astroworld Deaths Were a Satanic Ritual


Can anything happen in the world without the internet thinking up some absolutely wild conspiracy theory about what really happened?

No. The simple answer is no. Conspiracy theories are just a part of the internet now.

There can’t be a pandemic. There can’t be a terrorist attack. There can’t be a tragedy. Apparently.

The latest quite frankly absurd conspiracy theory is that Travis Scott conducted a large-scale ritualistic sacrifice. Yep.

The conspiracy theorists say ‘proof’ can be found by looking at the imagery surrounding the festival. Oh, and of course “Astroworld was exactly 666 months + 6 days after the founding of the Church of Satan.”

One person commented:

“Just more proof that cements this as a ritual SACRIFICE…These people are SO UNBELIEVABLY SICK, AND EVIL. They do things like this to mock us, because they think we don’t know any better…Also, they are laughing at our stupidity, and naivety. There is NO such thing as ‘coincidence’. Ever. This Satanic ritual was WELL planned out in advance, and presented to be IN YOUR FACE WICKED.”

Check out the video below:



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